Apple bullied into creating Android data transfer app?

Apple bullied into creating Android data transfer app?

Ever since there were Android and iPhones available on the market, people who wanted to switch phones got to a dead end. Why? Simply because iPhones “don’t play” nice with other devices. Anyone who tried to pair up an iPhone via Bluetooth to another device, noticed right away that it is not possible to send files or any type of information without using an app. Apparently this has been a major disadvantage for many telecom operators and smartphone users. Major telecom operators threatened Apple with a lawsuit, if the company from Cupertino will not come up with a solution. Here is what The Telegraph said :

“According to a senior industry source, Apple has privately agreed to develop a simple tool to help consumers shift data such as contacts, music and photos if they move to Android. Major European telecoms operators are concerned that only a tiny fraction of customers ever move off the iPhone, in part because of the technical hassle of transferring data. The operators fear that the lack of switching weakens their hand in commercial negotiations with Apple, which holds the mobile industry’s strongest card in the iPhone”.

So far Apple did a pretty good job keeping a closed ecosystem. However taking into consideration the above facts, this might change. There are already some apps made by Apple in the Google Play Store : Move to iOS, Beats Pill + and Apple Music. But these only help people who want to switch to iPhones. Those who want to switch to Android or any other ecosystem, are left hanging. At least for now.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁 #wpappbox

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