Apple stops signing iOS 9.2 for some idevices 

While jailbreakers showed off their latest work, encouraging users to update their devices to ios 9.2.1, Apple stopped signing iOS 9.2 for iPad 2 (WiFi, CDMA, GSM), iPad 3, (GSM, CDMA) and iPhone 4s. For all the other devices it still signs this iOS version. This comes right after a member of the Pangu jailbreak team, Windknown, spoke out about how vulnerable iOS 9.2 is. It is just a matter of time until all the other devices will follow. On the other hand, if you look at all the vulnerabilities disclosed by the jailbreaker, it makes sense to upgrade your firmware. iOS 9.2.1 is  much safer as long as you don’t jailbreak it. If you do, make sure the apps and tweaks you use are from a safe, well know source and others have tried them before. Otherwise you might end up with your data stolen by some shady individuals. The whole article about the iOS 9.2 vulnerabilities can be read here with the help of Google Translate.


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