Kate Winslet wins Bafta award for Steve Jobs movie role

Kate Winslet got a Bafta award last night for her role as Johanna Hoffman, Apple PR guru, in the semi-biopic Steve Jobs.

Danny Boyle’s movie won in the best supporting actress category, although it was nominated for “Best Adapted Screenplay” and “Best actor”.


Kate Winslet Steve Jobs

                                                               Source : Universal Pictures

Kate Winslet thanked Danny Boyle, Michael Fassbender and Johanna Hoffman :

“I really am quite overwhelmed actually,”she said. “Danny Boyle you were amazing to work with. Thank you for casting for me when you really didn’t have to. Michael Fassbender you led us through this; I don’t know how you did it you are a brilliant brilliant actor. I [also] want to mention a woman who would prefer to remain anonymous the real Johanna Hoffman, who was a devoted and loyal friend to Steve Jobs.”

She already got a Golden Globe for the same role, earlier this year and she’s received an Oscar nomination as well.


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