What’s new in iOS 9.3 beta 7?

What’s new in iOS 9.3 beta 7?

Just a week ago we talked about iOS 9.3 beta 6 and here we are today with another beta available. While there’s not much information about what’s new, a Reddit post gives quite a lot of details regarding the changes Apple implemented in this new beta release :

iOS 9.3 beta 7

App Store

Known Issue

Users who performed an iCloud or iTunes restore onto a device with iOS 9.3 beta 3 from a backup created with iOS 9.3 beta 1 or 2 may be unable to install apps or log into iCloud when upgrading to iOS 9.3 beta 7.

Workaround: Perform an erase-install of iOS 9.3 beta 7 and restore data from either the iCloud or iTunes backup.

Apple ID

Known Issues

• When using a Shared iPad, the device may hang for a few minutes at logout.

• If you reboot your Access Point and a Shared iPad cannot reconnect to your network, you also need to reboot your Shared iPad.


Apple Watch

Known Issue

Certain features in the Apple Watch app require the developer seed of watchOS 2.2.



Known Issue

A user updating to an iOS 9 GM build from a seed build may see duplicate dictionaries in the definition dictionary list if the user switched primary language, added secondary languages, or added new keyboards.

Workaround: To remove the duplicate dictionaries, go to the definition dictionary list, swipe the dictionary, and tap the Delete button.



Known Issue

Photos app in Simulator does not sync photos from iCloud Photo Library.



Known Issue

In a classroom environment with many iPad devices connected to a single access point, some devices may intermittently lose data connectivity with Classroom, other devices, and the Internet, even though the status bar shows that the device is connected to a Wi-Fi access point.

Workaround: Disable and then reenable Wi-Fi from Settings > Wi-Fi to resume connectivity. Note that for a Shared iPad, you may need to reboot the affected device.”

This is what we know so far. Also Apple did not fix the iOS 9 speed bug. Apple is expected to release iOS 9.3 on March 21st at the “Let us loop you in” keynote event.

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