Obama’s staff gets iPhones, president not

Obama’s staff gets iPhones, president not

US President Barack Obama expressed his wish  to get an iPhone during several interviews. However because of security reasons, he only has a Wi-Fi enable iPad and uses a Blackberry. The technology upgrade came as a necessity, since the Whitehouse was stuck in the 90’s era. They still used Intel 486 computer. The New York Times described the situation as follows :

“Until very recently, West Wing aides were stuck in a sad and stunning state of technological inferiority: desktop computers from the last decade, black-and-white printers that could not do double-sided copies, aging BlackBerries (no iPhones), weak wireless Internet and desktop phones so old that few staff members knew how to program the speed-dial buttons […]
Many White House aides now carry the most recent iPhones. Mr. Obama, however, still carries a specially modified, highly secure BlackBerry”

Although President Obama is an Apple fan, during the tug of war with the FBI he sided with the agency. I would ask his opinion again, once his term is up.

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