Obama’s staff gets iPhones, president not

US President Barack Obama expressed his wish  to get an iPhone during several interviews. However because of security reasons, he only has a Wi-Fi enable iPad and uses a Blackberry. The technology upgrade came as a necessity, since the Whitehouse was stuck in the 90’s era. They still used Intel 486 computer. The New York Times described the situation as follows :

“Until very recently, West Wing aides were stuck in a sad and stunning state of technological inferiority: desktop computers from the last decade, black-and-white printers that could not do double-sided copies, aging BlackBerries (no iPhones), weak wireless Internet and desktop phones so old that few staff members knew how to program the speed-dial buttons […]
Many White House aides now carry the most recent iPhones. Mr. Obama, however, still carries a specially modified, highly secure BlackBerry”

Although President Obama is an Apple fan, during the tug of war with the FBI he sided with the agency. I would ask his opinion again, once his term is up.


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