UK Met police abandons £6M iPad trial

UK Met police abandons £6M iPad trial

London’s Metropolitan Police had plans to issue 15-20,000 officers iPad minis, but abandoned the £6M plan after just 641 devices. That means UK tax payers paid £9,360 per iPad! Here is the information obtained by The Inquirer  :

The Met spent £1.2m on hardware during that time, including the iPads and supporting servers and accessories, £4.1m on custom software development, which included the databases to support mobile operations, £600,000 on business and management activities and £100,000 on licences. The costs also include the replacement of 12 tablets during the trial period.

Although the trial was successful between July 2014 and March 2015 , no reason was given for abandoning it.

Furthermore a spokesperson said :

“There is ongoing development of a system to identify and roll out mobile technology to additional staff across the Metropolitan Police Service.”

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