Octagon – Apple’s free app of the week

Octagon – Apple’s free app of the week

Octagon, the arcade game by Lukas Korba is Apple’s free app of the week. As usual, you can download this game free of charge, for one week.

“Octagon is a minimal arcade game where you have to move fast or be left behind. As the floor moves beneath you, spin your world around to dodge speed bumps. Flip upside-down to avoid holes, surf on top of the Octagon—whatever you can do to survive the mad race through this trippy 8-sided tunnel. An energizing soundtrack by Sqeepo and psychedelic color bursts keep you in the zone on your race to the finish. But with each round over after just 60 seconds, only super-fast reflexes will beat this very challenging game”

Here are some of its features :

  • Classic, Endless and NEW Daily mode
  • Unlimited number of randomly generated levels
  • Dynamic procedural graphics with a minimalistic iOS7 look
  • Original soundtrack by Sqeepo
  • Universal App with iCloud syncing
  • Pure challenge with no in-app purchases or cheats
‎Octagon 1: Maximal Challenge
‎Octagon 1: Maximal Challenge

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