Apple kills PP Jailbreak app certificate – Jailbreaking from Safari in danger?

Totoateam’s or iosem.us’s PP jailbreak tool was the perfect tool for Mac users who wanted to jailbreak their idevices. As mentioned earlier, all you had to do is visit their website, download the tool, accept the developer certificate and run the jailbreak tool. Of course Apple was not going to accept this, even though the jailbreak flaw is patched in iOS 10. They revoked the developer certificate, rendering the browser based jailbreak pretty much useless. If you try to jailbreak now, using the PP app, you will receive the “Unable to Download App – PPJailbreak could not be installed at this time.” error message, as you can see below.

PP jailbreak app certificate warning
 How to fix it

There are 2 options :

  1. Get another signed certificate from a developer.
  2. Use the 25PP Windows tool to install the PP jailbreak app

Having a working jailbreak app is essential, since this Pangu jailbreak is semi-tethered for now. If you reboot your device and the app does not work, you will not be able to use the jailbreak.

Will be back with more information, as they will be available.


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