iOS 10 Beta 5 features

iOS 10 Beta 5 features

A few hours ago Apple launched iOS 10 Beta 5 for developers.

Considering the version number and the fact that we are one month away from the final release of iOS 10, don’t expect too many beta versions, except the final one : Golden Master.

Let’s see what changed in this beta.

Settings app

There are no major changes, just that the Home app has been removed from Settings on iPhones, but kept on iPads. No explanations so far for this.

Home screen

When you swipe right and go to the search function, you will notice the Widgets area now includes date and time.


Speaking of Widgets, the 3rd party ones get a darker shade.

Lock function

When you lock your phone, you will be able to choose a new lock sound.

Music App

ios 10 music app output icon

If you want to change the output for your media file playing, there is a new button for that. The output button got redesigned and currently features a triangle in the middle of circles.

Smart battery case

iOS 10 beta 5 finally is compatible with Apple smart battery cases. Now you can enjoy them with this new beta release.

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