New Ultimate Pockemon Go Hack for OS X, Windows and Linux | Hackemon

In this video tutorial I will show you the new ultimate Pokemon Go hack for leveling up very fast.

Hackemon is available for OS X, Windows and Linux since it is a Java app. All you need is your Pokemon Go account and your GPS location. The app will do the rest : catch Pokemon, collect Pokeballs, etc.

Download here : https://github.com/Nader-Sl/Hackemon

Update : Fix grey screen, app not running

Run the java app from Terminal. To do this open Terminal and use the cd (change directory) command. My folder is on my Desktop. Therefore cd Desktop, then cd Hackemon-master. Now you should be in the Hackemon folder. To start the java app, type java -jar Hackemon.jar -Xms300m -Xmx1200m.


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