Pixel Cup Soccer 16 – Apple’s free app of the week

Pixel Cup Soccer 16 – Apple’s free app of the week

Do you like retro arcade games? If yes, Apple’s free app of the week is for you.

Pixel Cup Soccer 16  was created in a casual retro style. This arcade soccer game is quite dynamic with a fast paced gameplay, great fun for soccer fans! The game’s great pixel art graphics will bring nostalgia to everyone who played games in the 90’s!

Here are the game’s feature :

  •  Universal Purchase: buy one, play on iOS and Apple TV.
  • Play with your favorite MFi game controllers.
  • Simplified controls for casual players. Only Shoots, Passes and Tackles.
  • Simple to pick up and enjoy, with a clean and challenging gameplay.
  • A very dynamic gameplay. No foul and no free kicks, just the fun part of the game!
  • Retro style pixel art resembling old games and evoking nostalgia.
  • Party modes: Play with your friends in different game modes (iPad & Apple TV).
  • Deeper gameplay: short pass, long pass, etc., aiming when shooting, controled shoot or lobs, etc. (all this depending on the context).
  • Lots of Animations (overhead kick, scorpion kick, scissors kick, diving header, etc.)
  • Penalties!
  • Women’s Soccer.
  • 18 stadiums, full of animated fans!
  • Revamped AI. This implementation was made from scratch and it allows us to create teams with very different game playing styles (ie: Catenaccio from Italy or Tiki-Taka like Barcelona FC).
  • Tons of effects of retro style games / CRT shader.
  • Many leagues and playing modes


‎Pixel Cup Soccer 16
‎Pixel Cup Soccer 16

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