Video link will crash your iOS device

Video link will crash your iOS device

Every now and then news pops up about flaws inside iOS devices. Whether it is a malicious link, sms or date trick, the outcome is often used to prank unsuspecting users of Apple products.

This time a simple video link is the culprit. What can a simple video do you ask? Well it can slow down your iOS Device, to the point that it will crash. Youtuber EverythingApplePro, posted a video about it and demonstrates how simply viewing the video, will crash iPhones running iOS 5 and above. For obvious reasons, I will not post the link, as it will crash your device.

Fixing your device

Lucky for you, there is no permanent damage and the fix is simple. All you have to do is hard reset your device.

On iPhone 6S and older : press the power and Home buttons for a few seconds

On the iPhone 7 : hold down the power and volume button

Why is this happening?

More than likely the video exploits a memory leak form iOS, thus creating the boot loop. Some people wnet further and did some digging of their own. On the 9to5mac comment section, user Anthony Vanover said :

“I inspected the video file in 010 Editor. There’s an extra structure at the end of the file with no defined size. In fact, the entire structure is just “0D 0A”. That is, it’s a carriage return and line feed, but a video player may try to interpret it as the size of the current structure which, in this case, is 3338 (unsigned integer) which is larger than the end of the file itself.

I suspect this structure was put there by accident and that there’s a bug in the safari web browser”.

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