Artie’s Magic Pencil – Apple’s free app of the week

Artie’s Magic Pencil – Apple’s free app of the week

Last chance to grab this free app. Artie’s Magic Pencil is free for another day.

With the help of his special magic pencil, Artie can save the world from a monster on the loose.

Here are some of the game’s features :

  • A fun, interactive, adventure story with a cast of funny characters
  • Can be played as story or use the map to replay endlessly
  • Helps children understand the basics of drawing and art
  • Develops fine motor and graphic skills
  • Teaches important lessons in altruism and empathy
  • More than 25 different objects to draw
  • Colorful, child-friendly illustrated world
  • Handcrafted animations and a bespoke soundtrack
  • Ideal for children aged 3-6
  • Encourages creativity both on and off screen
  • Extra downloadable drawing worksheets to print and enjoy at home.


‎Artie's Magic Pencil
‎Artie's Magic Pencil
Developer: Minilab Ltd
Price: $2.99

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