Vantage Calendar – Apple’s free app of the week

Vantage Calendar – Apple’s free app of the week

The simple and fun Vantage Calendar by Fortyfour AB, is Apple’s free app of the week. Let’s see if it’s worth downloading.

This calendar offers a different perspective for people looking for a calendar. The app is full of visual and customizable elements.

Other interesting features :

  • Loaded with design options like colors, stickers and fonts so that you can let the events you care about stand out and get a great view over the days to come.
  • Turn any event into a To-Do to check off.
  • It syncs with Google Calendar, iCloud, Outlook, Facebook Events and just about any other calendar that supports iPhone or iPad.


‎Vantage Calendar
‎Vantage Calendar
Developer: Fortyfour AB
Price: Free+

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