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Have you ever wanted to download a YouTube video offline, but did not want to pay extra? Here is the solution for you.

Reflectrix is an iOS Cydia jailbreak tweak that will group every tweak the same way the App Store does.

Griddy is an iOS 9 Cydia jailbreak tweak, that will arrange your apps in a grid style in your task switcher.

BigShotJb is a Cydia jailbreak tweak for iOS 9, that will enable you to take full length screenshots on your iPhone.

LocationFaker 9 is a Cydia jailbreak tweak for ios 9 that will fake your GPS location to another one set by you. Perfect tweak for Pokemon Go.

PokemonGoAnywhere is a Cydia jailbreak tweak, that will hack the location of your GPS and allow you to “move” in the game, while in fact your not moving.

Pandolife is an iOS Cydia tweak that will give you unlimited skips, no ads in Pandora. Plus you can log in from any country.

In this video I will show you how to download torrents on your iPhone running iOS 9 with iTransmission. The iOS 9 fix  used in the video can be...

Remote Messages is a Cydia jailbreak tweak that allows you to send sms messages from any browser. The below video show some of its best features.

Cream is a Cydia jailbreak tweak that lets you customize your iOS Control Center icons. Have a look below and check out all of its features. Free download :...